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We manufacture a wide range locally.

With the most advanced production methods, in conjunction with modern technology, state of the art machinery and a workforce dedicated in their purpose, we always deliver the best. 

Academy Brushware is the preferred brand for millions of homes and businesses
countrywide when it comes to brushware, abrasives, accessories and more.
This is due to Academy Brushware offering a complete range of
products available via a single account. 

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General Brushware

Our range of general brushware is trusted in the homes of many South Africans. We are proud local manufacturers of a wide range of brushware to suit any application.

Step Ladders

We offer a comprehensive range of quality aluminium and fibreglass ladders, manufactured and assembled locally to the highest local and international quality standards and SABS approved. 


We stock only the best in abrasive products for smoothing or cleaning surfaces for any carpentry, woodwork, metalwork, and other crafting needs. Ideal for industrial or any other DIY project.

Paint brushes

Our wide range of paintbrushes are available  in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and quantities. From large oval specialist brushes to smaller crafting brushes, you’ll find exactly what you require for all your painting projects.

Rollers, Refills & Sets

Our leading range of Paint Rollers & Tray sets focus on an impressive range of Mohair, Ecopile, Furpile, Eezypile, Corrugated and Lambswool to name a few, with extension poles available for contractors and DIY projects.  

Decorative Range

For beginners and professional artists alike. When quality and performance are key, we make it possible with our variety of decorative painting items to choose from. 


Sponge, rollers, tapes, scrapers, wire brushes, mutton cloth, drop sheets and my more. 

With over 2000 line items in our range we are proud to offer our valued customers a one stop shop for all painting and cleaning applications.

Celebrating over 65 years in the brushware business

Academy Brushware produces and distributes a complete range of painting utensils and tools ranging from the traditional flat type paint brush, block brushes, sash tools and lining fitches; right through to a comprehensive paint roller range offering a wide choice of fabric application for various purposes.

In addition, Academy Brushware also manufactures a wide range of brooms and cleaning brushes; from domestic use to industrial purposes, including scrubbing brushes, shoe brushes, as well as banister and affiliated domestic brushes, such as bottle brushes and sanitary brushes. Mops, rakes, and so many other items are included in a range so very diverse and sure to offer something to satisfy all needs and demands of all end-users in the marketplace.

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      Reaching new heights

      With a capacity of 115kg work load and 150kg static load. Double-Rivited, Anti-Pinch hinges and slip resistant ladder feet, our ladders offer the most innovative style design available.
      SABS Approved

      Products for every project

      We offer an extensive range of Sellotape products.

      THE BEST

      Our sandpapers and accessories are manufactured with many applications in mind.

      For your dirty deeds!

      Our brooms take the effort out of sweeping by utilising hardwearing materials, along with metal or wooden handles, to help you push dirt and dust away.
      With the option of hard or soft bristle brooms to cater for indoor or outdoor cleaning. 

      Did you know the famous GB1 & GB6 Brooms are asked for by name? 

      Gutter Sweeper


      A stiffer sweep than polypropylene, PVC fibres for sweeping rough surfaces. Custom designed ‘55' grip for added strength and durability. Available in a 305mm and 375mm with a wooden handle.


      A large broom for sweeping large areas. Available in stiff PVC for rough surfaces, soft coco fibre for smooth surfaces. Used in areas like smelters as bristles are natural and don’t melt.

      GB1 BROOM

      A flagged synthetic fibre broom used for sweeping smooth surfaces. Available in assorted colours with buffers. Available with wooden handle or powder coated metal handle & `55` grip

      Keep calm and garden on

      Gardening is infinitely more rewarding when you have the right tools for the job. Make light work of your garden upkeep with our comprehensive range of quality gardening rakes and outdoor brooms.

      acrylic brushes cost less and are much easier to clean.

      Because acrylic paints, solvents, and even water can cause natural hair paintbrushes to lose their shape and degrade over time, many many DIY enthusiasts now prefer brushes made from natural fibres.
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      Academy Brushware is the preferred brand for millions of homes and businesses countrywide when it comes to brushware. That is due to Academy Brushware offering a complete range of products available via a single account.

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      Sanlic House of Locks is a division of Academy Brushware. Find us on www.shol.co.za for all your lock and key requirements.