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If your ladder is shaky then you should consider our range of Aluminium and Fiberglass step ladders, where safety and quality are at the forefront of our game. Ranging from 4 steps to 10, and including extension ladders, with an exceptional style and design, you’ll be a step ahead of the masses. 


Self supporting and ideal for a range of uses; industrial and for the home.


Perfect for the engineering and building industries, with the ability to extended as and when needed.

A ladder should be well built.
It should not have the
chance to tilt.

Our range of step ladders come with an innovative cap design, is double-rivited and contains anti-pinch hinges. With slip resistant ladder feet, a 6 rivet connection to rail, and an innovative stile design, our top quality ladders can stand the test of time. 
Available in aluminium and fibreglass. Capacity:

• 115kg Work Load
 • 150kg Static Load 


Aluminium is resistant to heat and is highly durable. Lean to straight ladders require support and are perfect for cleaning gutters or working on your roof.


Fibreglass is not electrically conductive, and is usually preferred for industrial applications which entail working with or around electrical currents.

We build it like we would for our families.


Academy Brushware is the preferred brand for millions of homes and businesses countrywide when it comes to brushware. That is due to Academy Brushware offering a complete range of products available via a single account.

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