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Our range of quality sandpapers and abrasives guarantee the best finishing on your projects. Whether it be bare wood sanding, preparing for primer and paint, or for final finishing, our broad variety of abrasives and grits are suited to each individual application. Included in our offering are the highest quality sanding blocks, to give that added edge when it comes to your abrasive projects. 

The best abrasives for the toughest jobs.

Our sandpapers and accessories are manufactured with many applications in mind. 
Generally used to remove material from surfaces – either to make them smoother (e.g. painting and wood finishing),
and sometimes to make them rougher (e.g. in preparation for gluing). Also used to remove a layer of material, for example removing old paint.
Our abrasives come in a range of grits (rough vs. smooth) and are perfect for stripping, leveling, smoothing and for finishing off projects.


This range is suitable for walls, wood, rust and general purpose sanding, as well as for flaking paint, varnish, fillers and plastic surfaces. With grits ranging from 40 to 1200, you're sure to find what you're looking for in our extensive sandpaper and abrasive range.


The greatest value sanding blocks available for fine, medium and course applications alike. Great for those hard to reach areas, providing the ideal solution to your commercial or DIY projects.

Expert preparation ensures the perfect finish.

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Academy Brushware is the preferred brand for millions of homes and businesses countrywide when it comes to brushware. That is due to Academy Brushware offering a complete range of products available via a single account.

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